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How's My Driving?

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OOC Present list!
OKAY. So, there is a running theme in America's gifts. Instead of going out and buying everyone something, he bought/made sheet metal of... some kind. Maybe iron/steel? I'm not sure what Johto would even have... And well, he made charms/pendants depending on gender. Saying that, if you want it as a charm/keychain instead - just say it's that instead! ♥ For the people he knows more, they get 2+ gifts, but... t-those are the most important parts |3

A lot of these you may have to be imaginative and think of them as metal & painted. Where painted I'll put in brackets, however. ♥


OKAY. So. If you're not on the list but want something, let me know and I'll think of something! I'm pretty sure I missed people and I'm sorry;;;; HE HAS TOO MUCH CR ALREADY BC

Also, as a note he totally made himself an eagle one to match, and even though Canada isn't there, he totally made a polar bear for him 8(

[4] Goldenrod / 4th Wall Post [Action & Video]
[The feed clicks on with America still in a Chicken Suit from Billy's world. He was in Ecruteak a minute ago, helping Billy out when suddenly he's back in Goldenrod.

Unfortunately, that means he'd just been about to hit a crow when the glitch happens, and all that power ends up hitting a wall of one of the buildings instead.


His hand ends up bleeding too, from the impact, before that starts to clear up.

He's also been glitching all over the place, which isn't all that fun when you're not used to it, which is why he couldn't stop himself as well. Don't mind him while he swears about all of this---]

Fuck. [So, instead of doing the smart thing, he went to lean on the wall next to/opposite that one, went to just drop his forehead against it --- only for that to make a hole where his head had been. Ow. It was probably a really good thing that Johto had restricted that before, then again, now it's back it's even harder to control.]
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[3] Goldenrod! [Video /& Action for people who are there]
Smile for the camera!
[For the first time in a while America is the only person who shows up in the feed. His Growlithe, Houndour and Shinx are all out of their Pokéballs, his Pidgey is actually off flying somewhere and Wailmer is resting until it can get more water to splash around with. In his arms is a Psyduck that's flailing about.

For a second he just looks in awe of the size of the place - it's bigger than Violet, and much bigger than Cherrygrove, after all. Luna is gone by now to find her friends, so it's just him, standing in the middle of the city taking everything in.]

So, I've arrived... [There's a pause as he adjusts the Psyduck, who only flails even more really. It's good at that.] I didn't expect this place to be this big though.

[He smiles sheepishly into the camera.] So the people I said I'd visit, where are you? Uh... especially from where I am? [He pans the camera around so there's a view of where he's stood, then smiles back at the camera.]

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[ooc: This is bound to get really confusing but COME AT ME BRO'S. I mean-]
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[2] Joint Post with Luna - Route 30 [Video/Action]
[The camera feed logs in to a rather nice setting, despite the fact there has been snow lately. America and Luna have made a pretty good meal, despite only having limited supplies, and are currently celebrating one of America's favourite holidays: Thanksgiving.

America lets the camera zoom in on him first, grinning and waving frantically at the screen for a moment.]
Hey everyone! [He pauses for a moment, just to curb his enthusiasm a little.] And Happy Thanksgiving!

[He's aware a lot of the people here won't know what it is, but the title says enough, really. He has to hand his gear over to Luna though (or rather, just let it drop) as he's pounced on by multiple puppies (well, a Growlithe, Shinx and Houndour) that hatched just a day or so ago - which leads to just lots of laughing and general happiness.]

[Putting a hand over her mouth to try and hide her laughter, Luna picks up the gear and gives a happy smile to everyone. She's still not exactly sure what Thanksgiving is, but she's clearly enjoying herself nonetheless.]

Indeed! We implore everyone to have a merry day of "Thanks"-giving! Tis a day of merriment and... good food?

[She gives a wary glance towards the turkey and ham. As, well, a pony she's not used to eating meat. But hey, there's a first time for everything, right? And what a better day to try than Thanksgiving?]

[1] Video
[The video flicks on while America’s trying to work out how the thing works, clicking buttons without even trying to read the manual first. He’s pulled the map out of his Backpack which isn't much help. It’s pretty obvious too, considering the clueless expression he’s giving it.

The camera bounces for a moment as he runs downstairs, almost crashing into his ‘mother’ who hands him his bento and starts shoving him towards the door. It was all happening so fast too. One moment he was looking at this woman (who the hell was she anyway?! He didn’t even have a mother-) then the next, it was all face-meet-door.]


[As soon as he’s out the door too, he hears it slam shut. It’s far too cold and he’s shivering already and trying to get back inside. There is a reason why he hates winter and never leaves his house---

Only he can’t get back inside. Obviously.

So, camera feed, you’re left with lots of screaming, shivering and flailing as the poor guy struggles to come to terms with the situation he’s in. It wouldn’t be so bad if whoever had changed his clothing had left him his bomber jacket and gloves - he feels pretty lost without that at the moment as he starts to make his way towards the opposite side of New Bark Town --- he’s totally holding the map the wrong way around, yup.]

It's too cold- It's too cold-


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